Value for money

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Value for money
Accord continues to demonstrate value-for-money (VFM) to its customers and communities and stakeholders.

Accord has over 13,000 homes and provides health and social care across the Midlands and the north of England to more than 100,000 customers. Accord continues to work collaboratively to deliver affordable high-quality, value-added services to those in need. The VFM self-assessment statement is produced annually and reports on performance against VFM strategic objectives and the actions taken to ensure services are not only high-quality, but deliver value for customers, communities and stakeholders.

Accord also carries out a range of financial and service delivery bench-marking to continually assess its performance in comparison to other registered providers.

Embedding VFM across the Group enables it to demonstrate that every pound spent is invested efficiently and effectively to maximise the return on investment. The Group continues to ensure that best value is a prerequisite throughout all it does; delivering social housing, building new homes, providing care and supported by efficient corporate services.

If you have any queries or comments regarding value for money in the Accord Group, please contact us.

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