Fry Voices Together

We're committed to customer engagement. We want to be accountable to you and make sure that you can take part in the decisions we make.

Fry Voices Together
Fry Voices Together is an award-winning and established customer-led forum which engages with customers from across the whole of Fry Housing Trust.

The impact of maintaining customer engagement within this forum enables us to obtain real time, honest feedback and ideas from a customer’s perspective which leads to improvements being made to service delivery. Fry Voices Together is chaired by customers, held every three months and its purpose is for customers to:

  • Have their say, raise ideas and get involved on improving the Trust’s services
  • Discuss where developments and changes are required within the Trust’s services
  • Be consulted with on current areas of development or service redesign
  • Have a direct communication link with Board Members and the Trust’s Executive team
  • Discuss topical areas or hear from representatives from specialist external services
  • Make decisions and approve changes that affect clients
  • Represent the service they use within the Trust and communicate information to and from other clients, e.g. using local scheme client meetings, one to one discussions
  • Meet clients from across the Trust, improve their confidence to ‘speak up’ and socialise
  • Input into the planning and delivery of Trust-wide events and activities
  • Promote/be a stepping stone to engagement opportunities within the Accord Group

For more information about Fry Voices Together, please contact the Business Development Co-ordinator at the Trust’s Head Office on 0121 559 6406.

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