Annual reports

Annual reports
Our reports provide clear information about how we run our business and the services we offer.

We encourage our customers to feedback to us, giving their views and suggestions on how we can make our services better suited to their needs. You can watch the most recent Customer Annual Report video below.

We publish a Group Annual Report every year every year. You can read our 2016 report below.

We also publish our financial statements every year. You can read our 2016 accounts below.

We are pleased to present the Accord Group’s 2016-2018 Corporate Strategy. This pulls together our key objectives and explains what it is as a business we aim to achieve and the kinds of things we do to meet those aims. It also shows how those ambitions are linked to our values. The Strategy covers a two year period and is reviewed regularly; this is particularly important in the current operating environment when housing and care services are experiencing rapid change. For any queries about the Corporate Strategy, please contact us.

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