About us

Etablished in 1959, we are a registered charity providing a range of services (housing, support and resettlement) within seven local authorities across the West Midlands.

About us
Fry Housing Trust was set up in memory of Margery Fry, a British prison reformer and the UK’s first female magistrate.

Since its formation, we have maintained our identity as a provider of specialist services to vulnerable adults with an offending history, many of whom have multiple and complex needs and we provide the following:

  • Reducing homelessness through the provision of 215 accessible supported housing bed spaces and by supporting service users in their own homes to sustain independent living where their tenancy is at risk (approximately 150 customers at any one time supported by our Community-based Floating Support Services). The Trust also manages two resettlement services within the Staffordshire and West Midlands Probation area which support offenders to access accommodation when released from prison or Approved Premises, or where homeless in the community
  • Reducing local crime rates by working with individuals to access positive opportunities, engage in pro-social groups, address thinking skills, attitudes and behaviours that led them to commit crime
  • Decreasing levels of risk of harm posed by service users to themselves or others through our robust risk management procedures and effective engagement and partnerships with criminal justice agencies
  • Improvements to health through in-house support and/or signposting to external specialist services
  • Reducing unemployment through the provision of specialist services and support which focusses on preparing for employment and accessing volunteering, training and employment opportunities
  • Generating savings to statutory services e.g. preventing further involvement with criminal justice agencies, reducing hospital admissions as a result of drug or alcohol misuse, and preventing homelessness
  • Stabilising the lives of vulnerable people by providing accommodation and person-centred support throughout the delivery of pre-tenancy and tenancy sustainment programmes.
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